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Located in western Colorado, Breeder of American Pit Bull Terriers proven for quality through competition in sports and conformation shows; athletic, willing to please, stable temperaments, and smarts to go with!!



ATTENTION!!! Although you will see numerous photos of our dogs engaging in activities together. We work diligently with all our dogs to subdue this breed's natural dog aggression starting as puppies, and we NEVER allow them to run freely together without strict supervision.

We like to have fun with our dogs as much as we enjoy attending competitions with them!!!


We try not to take ourselves too seriously around here  :)

Dolly's favorite way to take a ride..Dogs make great riders- they go along with the flow and never complain!!




Located in Delta, Colorado...Focusing on versatility... We compete in conformation, weight pull, Top Dog and  agility. Pedigrees include weightpull & show titled parentage from lines such as Eddington's A/A VI"Wilhe Make It" & "A\A V "KanShe Make It", Wilder's , Redboy/Jocko/, and touch of Sarona & Eli. Also back there is old school RE when the line was respected UKC show line- BEFORE being ruined by the bully movement. 

SD I, SD II are temperament testing credentials 


Home of:


CH "It's Beena Journey"

CH/"A/A"/UWPCH "Dancing With Danger" SD I, SD II

CH  "Twisted Scribbles" 

UKC CH/UWP CH/ACE "Tiny Twister" SD I

CH/ ACE of ACE I "U Gotta B Jokin" SD I, SD II

ACE/UKC CH "Dream Chaser"

CH/ACE "Dancing In Faith"

 ACE/UWPV UWP CH "Chyna Girl"

 CH/ACE/UWP CH "Miss Dolly" SD I



My goal is to produce all around APBT of sound temperament, structurally correct and balanced athletes that succeeed in working events as well as in the show ring.  


Beware of bad breeders!! There are dozens of breeders producing litter after litter claiming they have top quality dogs, yet there are no titles in pedigrees to prove the dams/sires of pups are of higher quality than dogs produced by back yard breeders.

The APBT does not need more breeding, but  promoters of the breed is a must to show the general public and the "dog world" this breed is one that desires to "please" and has  the qualities to succeed in working events. Those seeking to buy an APBT and are aware of the unjust BSL aimed at this breed should search for a puppy from a promoting breeder; support those  investing time, effort, & money in proving the dogs they produce are  of high quality. 

 A breeder who has multiple litters a year without promoting is suspect of breeding for profit, and profit breeders often do not care about screening buyers. The goal is to sell to the first one with the cash-  placing pups in homes with knowledge, respect and responsible attitudes for the pit bull is not a primary concern because that means holding back on sales which may result in unsold pups taking up room needed for the next litter. High prices on pups out of parentage without proven merits is another sign of breeding for money. Breeding for money is all too frequent and has led this to be the most overbred  as well as the most abused breed of dog at the time.

Just do your research before buying a puppy and don't get caught up in the "fad" breeders. Common telltale signs of fad breeders are emphasis on color & size. There are deficits such as arthritis & elbow/ hip displasia as well as respiratory difficulty in dogs bred to extremes such as " shortest and widest bullies", or  "breeding white to white" which is known to produce temperament deviants such as "man biters", and physical handicaps producing deaf & blind offspring. Let no one tell you otherwise... use common sense before choosing to buy a puppy...




  1. CH, GRCH Conformation is tested in the UKC or ADBA show ring and indicates that the physical structure of the APBT meets or exceeds that of the average (standard) dog.  A dog that has conformation titles has the initials of the title before their name.(CH=Champion, GRCH=Grand Champion) 

  2. CDX, CD, UD, ODC,  More impressive than conformation titles are working titles, which also appear before the registered name.  CD (companion dog), CDX (companion dog excellent), UD (utility dog), ODC (obedience dog champion) are very hard to obtain and prove that the dog has the overwhelming desire to work for their handler.  It indicates that they are stable in temperament and high in intelligence. 

  3. ACE, ACE of ACE. This is a working title awarded by the ADBA for weight pulling This is a great indication of the heart and soul of the APBT.  A dog that earns this title has a great desire to work, please the owner, and is strong in mind and body. The IWPA is also a weight pull multibreed organization, and UKC is now having licensed weight pull for working titles.


  1. 'PR' A dog that who pedigree is confirmed for a prerequisite number of generations earns the Purple Ribbon Pedigree.  This is indicated by a 'PR' before the registered name.  

  2. DNA-VIP this is a genetic test that proves the parentage of the dog.  Note: the parents must also be DNA-P or DNA-VIP in order to prove ancestry. 


  1. ATT  Temperament Test.  This is a test provided by the American Temperament Testing Society.  This means that the dog is not overly shy, or overly aggressive and proves that the dog has a sound stable temperament.

  2. CGC Canine Good Citizen. This is a test provided by the American Kennel Club which evaluates the ability of a dog to be a good citizen. It is a good evaluation of how a dog reacts to every day situations.

  3. Safe Dog. ADBA Registry has now instituted a temperament test which involves two levels just as the testing mentioned above in ATTS above.

DO NOT BUY PUPPIES FROM Back Yard Breeders,  Puppymills, or Pet Stores . They do not breed for quality... They do breed for money. Competition breeders spend small fortunes competing to prove their breeding program produces quality - seldom make a profit.









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